Angela (reedery) wrote,

Thank goodness it's the end of daylight saving time

I'm really glad we get the extra hour on a weekend!

And what a weekend it was. On Saturday, I could not stand the mess that my apartment had become for one single more second. I was up to my neck in orders that I wanted to start and I felt like I should have worked for the majority of the day. I ended up cleaning instead. I don't regret it. Cleanliness just makes me feel good. I ended up staying up late anyway to get some blanks started.

Today was a massive scraping day- I had some reeds on their first day today, some on their second, and some on their third. I also gouged a whole bunch of cane. Not to mention doing three loads of laundry. Sometimes doing personal stuff is a nice break from working, and sometimes it's just hard to squeeze it in. That's how my place ended up being such a pigsty.

Now I have a bunch of reading to do for Band Instrument Repair. Then I will sleep the dreamless sleep of an exhausted reedmaker until my alarm goes off at some ungodly hour in the morning.
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